Thursday Late - Woodstock


Thursday Late is a free cultural experience where art galleries, retail stores, restaurants, bars, and other cultural attractions around Woodstock stay open late. The concept is much like First Thursdays.

The participating area stretches from Sir Lowry Road to Salt River Circle, including primary hubs around STEVENSON Gallery, The Woodstock Exchange,  The Woodstock Foundry, and the Old Biscuit Mill.

next event

21 May 2015. 5pm to 9pm (and later).

May Highlights

blank projects

Jared Ginsburg 'The Natural World parts 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.
113 - 115 Sir Lowry Rd

the palms

145 Sir Lowry Rd

3 Sluit Aan by die Cape Corps.jpg

sa print gallery

South African posters
109 Sir Lowry Rd

woodstock mancave

Claudia Liebenberg
7 Barron St